Scrubs & Wraps

A skin alive

Silky Skin
Our selection of exclusive scrubs all work their individual magic in leaving your skin refreshed,cleansed and feeling like silk.
Arabian Coffee Ritual BD 22.000 / 40 min

A blend of aromatic spice oils, combined with organic coffee,create a truly unique and effective scrub to invigorate theentire body.

Choconut BD 34.000 / 60 min
Vitamin E and Rice Bran Oil infused with chocolate, combine to remove excess surface oil and debris, effectively opening up clogged pores and improving acne and oily skin conditions.
Tamarind and Ginger Polish BD 22.000 / 40 min
It’s time to reveal the diva in you and shed a dull exterior!This gentle exfoliating blend brightens with Tamarind and adds plenty of vitamin zest for vibrant skin.
Milk Coconut Scrub BD 22.000 / 40 min
Indulge in the natural aroma of coconuts. Whilst the flakes lavish your body, the purifying properties of the ingredients used leave your skin soft and supple.
All Wrapped Up
The Sparadise wraps have all been designed to either slim and tone the body, hydrate and firmthe skin, or relax and soothe aching muscles.Which ever wrap you choose, you will be indulged in an hour of pure pampering and bliss.
Boreh Body Masque BD 30.000 / 60 min

This exclusive Spa treatment begins with the application of anexotic body scrub, combining a warm spice blend of Gingerand Nutmeg. A luxurious body wrap follows creating an effective antidote for tired and fatigued muscles.

The Javanese Lulur Experience BD 30.000 / 60 min
A blend of Bali’s native herbs, spices and roots to help lighten the skin and relax the body and mind. You will be enveloped in a true Balinese experience whilst the exotic scent carries you away to a World of tranquility.
Rich Skinny Choco Wrap BD 40.000 / 60 min
Our delicious signature wrap has been created so that it’s totally edible! A gentle exfoliation ritual prepares your bodyfor the relaxing application of papaya butter and honey.Could you spend an hour with all your senses indulged and not be tempted to lick?
Skin Soother BD 30.000 / 60 min
This body wrap has been designed to cool and soother warmed or sunburnt skin conditions. Cooling cucumber and refreshing mint have been blended together to help reduce redness and leave the skin calmed and rested.